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London Business School EMBA
Executive MBA offered by London Business School is designed for those who want to obtain a professional qualification without quitting their jobs. The program is specially being designed for those who can not take a break from their work, but propel in their career with a professional qualification. In today’s competitive world, every executive needs an additional qualification and skills to progress further in their career. Executive MBA offers the same to them. This MBA program comes from London Business School, which ranks 4th globally in 2012. The program is designed to provide management knowledge, as well as apply analytical skills and understanding through which they can prosper to any levels within the organization they work for. After the completion of 20 months program, the student would feel more confident to manage their work effectively.
The Executive MBA program is ideally designed for the working professionals as well as those who are looking to start their own businesses. Although many professionals with years of experience face challenges when they get promoted and have been asked to manage a team or finish a more complex task than the previous ones. This is due to the absence of certain skills which is required when a person moves up in the hierarchy. Challenges are also being faced by people who are planning to start their own business, but lack proper planning. They may have enough capital to start the business, but lack the skills which can make them a successful entrepreneur. Executive MBA has been designed to build these gaps and promises the students to come up from these challenges. The widest choice of electives helps the students to broaden their knowledge and make a career change.
The course is offered in London and Dubai, with a week long international assignment at London, Dubai, New York or Hong Kong. The program also gives access to some of the top organizations and business leaders along with world-class renowned faculty. This helps in connect to more than 34,000 international alumni network. The program is designed in such a way that it can help to improve the performance of the student immediately. Additionally, as per Financial Times EMBA rankings 2011, an EMBA graduate takes 79% more salary in just 3 years. 

The EMBA program also helps the students to advance further in their career in other companies, apart from growing in the same company. They provide career support which helps them to achieve their career goals and help in their career development. They are also eligible to participate in regular recruiter events conducted by London Business School which helps the students and alumnus to meet some of the renowned companies around the globe.
London Business School is considered as one of the most reputed business schools in the world. This is quoted by Ulrika Hedlund (Co-founder and Managing Director of Business Productivity FZ LLC) and Mark Collins who is the VP of Marketing at Strauss Coffee BV. Both of them are the alumni of the London Business School EMBA.
For details information on London Business School Exective MBA course, you can download one of the brochures here EMBA Brochures

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How does Debt Consolidation Work

How debt consolidation work

How debt consolidation work

For borrowers with good credit, credit cards may provide a cost-effective method of debt consolidation for debts they intend to repay in 12 months or less. It may be possible to transfer balances from other credit cards to a 0% balance-transfer credit card and repay the total balance without incurring interest. Of course, 0% balance-transfer deals don’t last forever, so the best way to take advantage of them is to pay off the total balance before the interest-free period expires.

Bad Credit
Unfortunately, borrowers with bad credit won’t qualify for any 0% balance-transfer deal. Indeed, depending on just how bad their credit is they may not qualify for any standard credit card and may need to rely on credit cards for bad credit. Providers of these types of credit card typically charge relatively high interest rates – 30% and more – but if you pay off your balance in full at the end of each month you don’t pay any interest at all.

Debt-Consolidation Loan
Another method of debt consolidation involves taking out a loan to pay off existing debts. In doing so, borrowers consolidate all of their debts into a single debt with a single monthly repayment. The main advantage of a debt-consolidation loan is convenience. Instead of repaying numerous creditors at various interest rates at different times of the month, borrowers take out a loan large enough to repay all their existing creditors and make a single repayment on the new loan once a month.

Repayment Period
Borrowers often choose to repay a debt-consolidation loan over a longer period to make their monthly repayments smaller and take the pressure off their finances in the short term. Of course, extending the repayment term may mean that they actually pay more interest on the loan, making it a more expensive option overall. Anyone thinking about taking out such as loan should carefully work out the full cost.

Borrowers with bad credit may find that they are not approved for a debt-consolidation loan or may only qualify for one with a higher interest rate. They may also have to pay an arrangement fee for this type of loan.

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How to Define and Set Goals for a Good Financial Life

Good Financial Life

Good Financial Life

When it comes to planning and setting goals for a good financial life, a person must remember that the goals must be realistic. Realistic financial goals will always help the person understand and know that how a good financial life can be achieved and how can one plan a better future. When it comes to the way of defining and setting goals for a good financial life, then one must know that financial life can always be unpredictable and one must have a backup plan if the original plan goes wrong.

One thing must be kept in mind constantly, rather than making just realistic financial goals, one must also make measurable financial goals so that the financial life that one has dream about is always possible. By this it means that one must plan to save and spend in a very measurable manner. If a person plans not to spend at all then that would be a non realistic financial goal and if a person plans to spend some of it and save at the same time, then the person would be able to make measurable financial goals for future.

Setting goals for a good financial life can be done on the basis of looking at the needs. When a person knows the needs and responsibilities of oneself, then it becomes far easier for that person to know what kind of financial goals to set and what kind of goals can be easily achieved. These financial goals need to be revised after sometime so that the actual results can be achieved. One must not jump to any conclusions on making hard and fast financial goals since money is a tricky business and when it comes to making financial goals this can be done with all the things involved in daily life.

A person, who wants to set and define goals for a good financial life, must make sure that the goals are achievable. This means that while someone define and sets financial goals that person must know and must think ahead so see if the goals that are set for a good financial life are achievable. This means that people sometimes think and assume that finance is a thing that can be written on a piece of paper like one wants the finances to be but this does not happen that way.

Setting goals for a good financial life must be within the reach of a person. Doing things that may end up a person in misery is not the way things are planned by the person. Each day a person must think that if the goals are not what would seem to be realistic, achievable and measurable then the goals must be changed and made again in a way that would seem to provide a good financial life for the person. This can further be discussed with a person who is wise and who has more knowledge about the world and how things usually work so that the person has a peaceful financial future ahead.

Avoiding Whiplash: for the Insubstantially Insured Driver

Whiplash Compensation

Whiplash Compensation

While they do hold their nuisances – the sometimes chronic pain being one – whiplash injuries certainly do have their benefits. On top of being able to miss a hefty period of work, one also receives a compensation sum off their car insurance providers. However, not everyone has it so sweet and many have insurance deals which don’t offer substantial fees for a whiplash diagnoses. For these unfortunate drivers, plus those who would rather attend work than bare the ache of an injured neck, here are a few tips on how to avoid whiplash.


Whiplash is a form of soft tissue injury in the neck. It is therefore paramount that one’s seating stance is assembled into a position which disables the possibility of this form of injury happening. According to studies, your head should be no further than 6cm away from your headrest. This means no leaning forward.

However, it is also important to avoid leaning back, even if it does mean your head is comfortably rested on the headrest. Leaning back will do your body no good, and most people will naturally lean forward at some point in their journey, if doing so anyway.

What you’ll need to do is tilt your seat forward, enabling you to maintain a natural posture while also keeping your head resting comfortably on the headrest.

Drive Safely

I suppose it’s rather patronising to include driving safely as a way to avoid whiplash. However, that which is obvious can often be the hardest to fully grasp and the worrying amount of dodgy drivers plaguing our roads, renders this piece of advice to be necessary.

If you want to avoid whiplash, reduce the risk of getting into a car crash.

For that matter, whiplash compensation should really be unavailable to those oh so reckless drivers.

Get Fully Covered Insurance

Whilst these precautions will most certainly reduce the risk of whiplash, they won’t eliminate it. It is therefore essential to get an insurance deal which includes car accident injuries such as whiplash. This will ensure that in the advent of being diagnosed with whiplash you have the compensation to help you manage – and probably even enjoy – the time off work.


How to Build a Savings Cushion

Savings Cushion

Savings Cushion

When it comes to savings people get double minded and they start to think that it is really not possible to save money when everything around them is getting so expensive. But there is always a possibility that one makes a saving cushion on which one can fall back on at the time of need. There is always one thing that people can keep in mind and that is that people can build a savings cushion with ease. This can be done by not spending unnecessary on things that are not highly essential at the moment and that are not urgent.

Saving cushion can be built by a person when the person opens up an account. When the person opens up the account, that person would know that saving money would be of great value. When the person saves money and uses it at times of need, the person would get to know the real value of money. This way the person would be able to make a savings cushion for present and future. So the first step towards building a savings cushion is to make sure that the savings account is opened and that there is interest in savings.

Another way to build a savings cushion is that a person can invest that money in shares. Buying shares is a good option. Since the stock market is always changing there is an option for the person to sell the shares when the prices are rising and when a person thinks that this way money can be converted in cash and can be put into the savings accounts. This way a savings cushion would be made and one can then easily spend and at the same time save. So buying shares and selling them when the price is high is a really good option.

Building savings cushion can be easy and it can always provide you with funds whenever you need them. Another way to build savings cushion is by saving some amount of money from your income in your savings accounts every month and not spending that amount at all no matter what happens. This way you would be able to collect a great amount within few months. That amount can be used for many purposes in future that may include education, vacations and even investing in real estate. So, building a savings cushion is highly essential.

Savings cushion can also be build when many people apply for health insurance. This is also a kind of savings cushion for many people although it is life insurance, but many people also include it as one of the aspects of building savings cushion. Another way can be that people can build savings cushion by selling or opening up their small business. This way the money that would be collected can be put into savings accounts and can be used for many future tasks and purposes. If people want to read more about building savings cushion then they can always read that online and also pick up many ideas.