Cheapest teenage car insurance in UK

Cheapest teenage car insurance in UK

Teenage Car Insurance in UK

It is very difficult to find cheap teenage car insurance in UK. According to the statistics more than 35% of insurance claims are made by insurance policies for the cars of teenagers. This is one reason for which insurance companies consider teenagers as potential risk for company and therefore, provide insurance policy for teenager cars at very high prices. Most of the accidents whether minor or severe, are caused by teenagers in UK. Another reason for which the teenage car insurance is expensive is, large number of teenagers usually found drunk while driving and causing major traffic violations.

For these reasons car insurance policy of teenager is quite expensive in UK. Car insurance companies can offer insurance policy at reduced rate if they can get assurance for responsible behavior of teenagers while driving. As, many mature and responsible teenagers suffer this problem because of reckless and careless teenage drivers. To avoid this situation and to offer cheap car insurance to responsible teenager’s car, insurance companies and other government officials are trying to draw rules and investigations which can help teenagers in this regard.
Few aspects that can help you to find cheapest teenage car insurance in UK are as follow:

Type of vehicle:

Type of car a teenage boy or girl owns will determine the cost of insurance policy initially. If teenagers have reasonable and affordable average car with average performance it will surely reduce cost of insurance premiums. However, if your teenage child possesses an expensive high performance car, you will not be able to get reduced insurance policy. You should also remember that modified cars cannot find insurance policy in UK. Therefore, it is state and type of your vehicle which will determine cost of insurance policy you have to purchase.

Measurements for car security:

Cost of teenager car insurance is also determined by the security measures you take for protection of your car. For example, where will you park your car at night or when you are at school and if your car is secured with security alarm or not. This is because teenagers are basically careless in nature and they usually leave their expensive belongings in car. This promotes break in and theft activities in cars. However, car installed with security alarm and car immobilizer can help to get cheap car insurance policy for teenager.

Performance of teenager at school:

One more factor which can contribute to get cheap car insurance policy for car of teenagers is the performance of teenager at school. Many insurance companies consider the fact that if teenager is performing well at school and getting good marks in studies then he must be a responsible person and offered by low premiums for his car insurance.

Driving course:

If teenager has done some driving course then he is usually considered as more responsible driver as, such a teenager will be accustomed to all laws and rules of driving and road. Thus, these teenagers can also acquire cheap car insurance policy conveniently. In this case driving school can also play an important role as their certification can guarantee you great discount for insurance policy.
All these aspects can help to get cheapest teenage car insurance in UK which will ensure safety of vehicle and most importantly of your teenage child on road.

Maternity Ward Mistakes Cost NHS Over £420 Million

Maternity Ward Mistakes Cost

Clinical Negligence Claims

In what will no doubt amount to more embarrassing controversy for the NHS, the bill for mistakes in maternity wards has nearly doubled within the last 12 months to over £420. Such news follows revelations that the medical negligence bills totals of the Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust, and the hospitals of West Suffolk and Ipswich had risen significantly within the past two years. This article will take a deeper look into what is turning into a growing problem for the NHS.

The Figures

Shockingly, figures released by the NHS Litigation Authority (NHSLA) have revealed that a staggering £422.9 million was paid out in the form of legal fees and compensation in the financial year of 2011-12 for obstetric claims. This is in comparison to £234.8 million being paid the previous year.

The Causes behind the Rise

A number of causes have been cited as reasons behind the significant rise in clinical negligence bills for the NHS’s maternity wards. Medical mistakes are amongst those mentioned most. Such mistakes made by NHS staff, include injuries to mothers during labour and babies dying or suffering from brain damage and other disabilities.

However there are other causes that render the NHS to be less blameworthy. For example, the rise in the in ‘no win, no fee’ clinical negligence solicitor has certainly had an impact. With more lawyers offering such services, more of the population can afford to file claims.

Furthermore, the cost of care and treatment needed to support a disabled child over their lifetime has increased. This has in turn increased the amount of compensation paid out to victims of such cases, when caused by medical negligence.

In addition the general amounts of compensation paid out for cases of clinical negligence have independently somewhat increased over the years significantly.

On top of all of this, it ought to be noted that some cases go back years and take a long time to settle. Therefore, the amounts paid in the past year may have been down to a mistake quite some while ago.

Nevertheless, the NHS will want to reduce such hefty fees being paid out every year. This is especially so as figures matter most when it comes to public scrutiny and such rises in medical negligence bills will no doubt heap embarrassment upon our public healthcare institution.

Importance of Health Savings Accounts

Health Savings Accounts

Health Savings Accounts

Many banks are now offering people to save money in their respective accounts so that they can always use this money to make good investments. People who have no idea about saving money for future have been seen to live in a misery as saving money is now like earning money. Since money is important in all aspects of life one needs to know that health savings accounts have also been introduced which can benefit people greatly and which can help people use the money in time of need. These accounts have been introduced by many large corporations for the health and safety of their employees.

Since many people can face physical injury during any time of the year and since this kind of health care is always needed by employees and families, this account helps a person deposit money from which some amount of tax would be deducted and at the same time, the expenses that would be incurred on medical bills would be deducted to. But one will see that with the help of health savings accounts, the medical bills would fall greatly and a person would never have to worry about having no finance at the time of immediate need.

Since this account is generally offered by companies and corporations, many people would never even think about touching the funds that would keep on accumulating in this account. Sometimes what employees do is that they save the funds for greater future needs and sometimes if a person can pay the expenses out of his/her own pocket, there would be a great sum of money left with the person to take out at the time of retirement. These funds are actually cushion funds that can benefit a person greatly during employment phase and after employment phase.

This account is highly important as it can be opened up by people who retire early from their jobs. But for such people, they need to buy high deductable health insurance policy. This means that you can always use the money in the account and at the same time you can also use the money in from your pocket for medical expenses. What a lot of people do even with health savings accounts holders is that they keep on paying money from their pockets and reimburse the money later in the years to come. This way they have a stream of finds to come into their account when they need.

People who do not know the importance of health savings account can read the above information and gather some knowledge about health savings accounts. These accounts can benefit all those people who have families and children and even if they do not have a large family, the funds in this account can be used greatly for future once the person leaves the company. These accounts require a person to keep good medical records at all times so that when a person needs to reimburse the records can help the person receive the funds that were previously spent on health.