Motor Insurance Quotes

motor insurance quotes

If you are driving a vehicle for private or for commercial use, you need to have the right motor insurance policy covering you. Not having one would mean exposure to penalties including seizure of the vehicle and in some cases disqualification of the driver from driving in future. The Road Safety Act passed in 2006 prescribes harsh sentences for those drivers who are involved in road mishaps and are found driving without any insurance.

If you have a vehicle that you don’t expect to get on the road, then you have to get the SORN or Statutory Off Road Notification. It won’t cost you anything to get this done but when you have to hit the road again, you would have to get the vehicle re-taxed by the DVLA.

So what are the different motor insurance policies quotes that are available for you:

a) The first one is the third party insurance. This is the cheapest and mandated by law for any driver to have. It offers financial protection to the person or vehicle you happen to hit during an accident while not covering damage to your own vehicle. Since you cannot predict what damage your own vehicle might suffer, it is better to go for a motor insurance quote that offers financial cover for your vehicle as well.

b) The third party, theft and fire insurance is a tad better in the sense it now offers financial protection to third parties as well as covers your vehicle as well for damage caused by fire or the vehicle gets stolen. You can get lower quotes if you can show that your car is always parked in a garage that is secure every night.

c) The comprehensive car insurance is the one that is all encompassing and also the most expensive. It offers you protection against all eventualities and that is irrespective of who is at fault. It can also include extras such as medical and legal cover as well as coverage for even some of the personal stuff in your vehicle.

The motor insurance quotes for each of the above mentioned policies will depend on factors such as:

• The vehicle model you are driving

• Parking location

• Age and previous driving history of the driver

• Place of residence

• Usage of the car and the purpose

• Claims history

• Extra driving qualification

• Absence or presence of car modifications

• Security devices installed

• Excess you are willing to pay