The History of Spread Betting: Treading a Fine Line between Gambling and Financial Trading

Financial Trading

Financial Trading

If you were asked to identify the single biggest difference between the modern financial market in the UK and its previous incarnations, then your mind would surely be drawn to the way in which technology has eliminated so many barriers to entry. Whereas leading financial institutions once dominated the market due to their depth of knowledge and the instant access that they had to international markets and commodities, technology and the development of online resources such as Killik & Co has afforded modern independent traders the same advantages.

While this may have created a level playing field for large corporations and single investors, however, the traditional financial products available through the financial market have remained unchanged. Take commodities, for example, which were historically trader by large financial institutions through agreements known as futures contracts. This allowed the parties to fix a price for a specific product and exchange at an agreed later date, regardless of any fluctuation in market value or standing.

The Emergence of Spread Betting: It’s Long Standing History as a Financial Concept

This type of derivative financial product is no longer traded in quite the same way, however, thanks largely to the introduction of spread betting. The application of contemporary spread betting practices is a source of some controversy among financial traders, as many consider it to tread a barely distinguishable line between gambling and serious commercial investment. Despite this perception, however, the principles of spread betting were prominent within historical financial markets long before they became associated with sports gambling.

In fact, the fundamental concept of spread betting and trading futures contracts based in exchanges emerged as long ago as the 1600’s. During this time, a trading market was established in Japan to redistribute or spread the risk associated with the manufacture and sale of rice. The subsequent development of the Dojima and Sakata rice exchanges were of significant importance for the nation’s wealth, and offered an insight into how spread betting principles could be applied to the commodities market.

The Bottom Line and how Spread Betting is applied in the Modern Financial Market

In the modern financial market, spread betting and contracts for difference are the modern representations of traditional futures contracts, and are becoming increasingly popular as trading vehicles. Not only do they allow traders to speculate on price movements across a range of financial products, but they also offer margin based returns that are not dependent on a rising market value.

While some governments and authorities still refuse to accept spread betting as a viable financial trading method, however, history suggests that it has been utilised within the fiscal markets for longer than they would care to remember. Given this and the fact that many investors now consider sports betting itself as an asset class, it is clear that spread betting is now an established part of the financial landscape in the UK.

Solve Your Money Problems with Car Donations

Car Donations

Car Donations

One must be thinking what car donation is? The answer is here. Car donation is a process of giving away an old automobile/vehicle to a charitable trust or an organization. In United States these donations provide certain tax benefits and therefore, car donation has become a famous practice there. Certain critics have compared car donation as a mean of tax shelter. Due to car donation, the organizations in United States which do not earn much profit rely on car donation for the sake of financial help to cater to their needs. This process is spreading pretty widely on a commercial basis. According to a survey conducted in the year 2001 it was found that 733152 tax payers reduced their tax paying by $550 million. This process benefits both, i.e. the seller as well as the charity. Thus, the process is beneficial in multiple ways.

As we all know that advertising is the easiest way to dispose any old belonging (here, CAR), the person donating the car needs to fulfil certain post donation requirements so as to be eligible for the deduction of tax and reap those benefits. These include things such as obtaining a written acknowledgment of the car’s subsequent sale by the charity and itemizing various tax returnsinstead of taking the standard education into consideration. Now, for the vehicles which have a market price of less than $500 the deduction amount almost comes down to the donor’s own estimated price of the car’s value, even if the charity receives less money from its sale in in the market. Now, for cars whose market value is greater than $500 are sold in an auction. The United States Internal Revenue Service advises which started in the second half of the year 2004.

The rules for determining the amount that a donor may deduct for a charitable contribution of a qualified vehicle, including an automobile, with a value claimed over $500 can be changed at the beginning of 2005 as a result of the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004. In general, we can conclude that that Act limits a donor’s deduction to the amount of the total proceeds from the charity’s sale of the auctioned vehicle. For the vehicles which are valued over $500, taxpayers are required to attach the charity’s written acknowledgment to their tax return so as to avail the benefits of tax. It has been noted that the car donation schemes in United Kingdom are different from the ones in United States.In United Kingdom, there are no tax benefits on car donation. Car donation is widely practised in America ranging from highly-organized to truck companies that support a charity.

It is obvious that a charity will be indulged in some kind of donation. So various charity use car donation directly to transport volunteers and suppliers to cater to the various areas which need help. Some even have their own car lots to sell the donated cars but many of them have their donations processed through auto auction companies.

A Good Income Is your Greatest Asset

Good Income

Good Income Is Greatest Asset

Income and asset go hand in hand. But are we sure about our greatest asset in life? When you go in the crowd and ask people this question, the common answer which you will get:

  • Some will say it’s their house
  • Some will say it’s the bank account

In both the cases the answer is wrong and do you know why? We neither can own a house nor can enjoy a wealthy bank account if we don’t have a good income. The desire for becoming a rich man will get shattered when you don’t have a good income to fulfill it.

So what is income? It is the regular flow of cash or anything equivalent to cash for the work or activities you do on regular basis. We can get regular flow of money from following honest sources:

  • Salary or wage
  • Interest from capital invested
  • Rent from tenant

In spite of the above sources there are various other sources from which we can earn income.

What is an asset? Anything which is tangible or intangible in nature and is capable for the regular production of value having economic value in positive way is popular as asset.

Is a good income the greatest asset?

We all dream to own a house of our own, but wait for a moment to think that how it is possible to pay the EMI of the mortgage loan if we don’t have a secured source of income to earn money. How will you manage to pay for the food you eat, the clothes you wear, the house you rent to stay, the debt you have taken from market and many more are there on the list. So there is no doubt on the fact that without a decent amount of regular income it is not at all possible to lead a life full of valuable assets and enjoyment.

The ability to work to earn a decent income is your greatest asset without any doubt. You cannot support the lifestyle which you dream to keep-up until and unless there is a good income source for you. Before we plan to own any valuable asset for us or for our family, first we need to concentrate on the source of earning. It is also true that we cannot work lifelong to earn the bread for family and some time or the other our working ability will come to an end.

So we need to get serious when it is time to earn a good income to secure the future of the family. It may also happen that due to some serious accident or health issue you may end up facing a physical disability and you are no more in a position to earn livelihood.  So you need to own the secure protection of paycheck by availing the insurance benefit at the time of any such situation.

Thus, we can very well understand the fact that a good income source is the greatest asset in our life and we cannot ignore this reality at any cost.



How to Make Money Online

Financial Betting

Financial Betting

You spend so much time hunched over your computer, but there are actually a number of ways in which you could make some money as you do so.

The popularity of spread betting has exploded in recent years. This is a form of financial betting where you bet on the direction in which a market moves, and there are thousands of things on which you could place a wager. Trades can be as little as £1. You make a profit or loss on the number of points of the movement multiplied by your stake. The results can be dramatically good or bad, but proceeds are not subject to income or capital gains tax or stamp duty. A number of spread betting companies exist.

If you post a video to YouTube which includes an advert, you will receive a percentage of the money made. This can be accomplished through a product’s affiliate programme, and these can be found at Commission Juncion. The amount per view is very low, but you could get rich if you produce something people want to watch and share and the video goes viral. The 56 second video, Charlie Bit my Finger made more than £100,000 for its creator. You will only be paid if the video makes more than £60. You can make more money if a video actually mentions a product. You can get noticed by making videos for free for a local business, after which other advertisers could well contact you.

You could sell stock photos at sites such as iStockPhoto. You can increase the likelihood of success by investigating what sells well.

Items can be sold on eBay. Again, you should be particular about what you sell. Old laptops could be a goldmine, although they should be formatted to remove all of the previous owner’s data. You could go door to door in the nicer neighbourhoods of your town offering to profitably relieve people of unwanted items, and take a commission of at least 25 percent. Customers will be happy to rid themselves of old junk.

You could write articles. The largest website aiming to unite contractors with employers is Odesk. Another company – eHow pays a percentage of the ad revenue for articles. Often, the rate is only a dollar (65p) for 500 words, but some organisations pay as much as £15. If an article were very good, it could be submitted to a publication. Sites such as ODesk also have audio transcription jobs, although they don’t pay well.

Ebooks could also be written, and ebooks as short as 12 pages could make £65. The trick is to think of a subject people are desperate to know about. You should ask yourself when you or someone you know was in a situation where information could have saved much money or anguish. Financial, legal and medical situations could be good bets.

Many local businesses have websites, but gain little benefit from them. Others have no website at all. If you can use WordPress and are knowledgeable of Search Engine Optimisation, you would be offering to do something of which a local business was not capable, and could make a proposal which was very attractive. If you get results, business will happily pay. You can find customers by going door-to-door.

If you are of an artistic bent, you could create logos or other designs for companies. 99 Designs is the most popular marketplace. Competition will be stiff.


How to deal with unexpected expenses on your vacation?

Unexpected Vacation Expenses

Unexpected Vacation Expenses

Going on different vocational trips with friends and family is very important to relax and get something for fun after leaving all the worries behind. Job and the other busy schedules are the important factors of creating the tension and depression in the lives of people but vacations are a real way out of it. Vacations give you to get closer to your friends and family because busy schedules can lead you on a way apart from your family and friends. You will not feel it but gradually you will become a stranger for them.

Many people arrange a lot of trips for their family and they know that it is very important to organize your expenses. Vacation expenses tend to be unexpected in some cases and these unexpected expenses can upset your whole budget. Vacation expenses include a lot of things like accommodation, food and shopping. These are the main expenses but unexpected expenses may arise on the way and you will not notice them. These unexpected expenses are the ones you should be worried about because they always happen.
Many people have a tight budget so they want to cut down their unexpected expenses but sometimes these expenses cannot be avoided. There are some simple tips for the people who want to avoid unexpected expenses.

Write down your:

Writing down your vocational budget will help you a lot in cutting down unexpected expenses. You have to plan everything because it will remind you your expense. You can make significant changes in expenses while planning e.g. if you plan that which hotel are you going to choose for stay, you will cut down the taxi expense which is likely to occur if you have to find a cheaper or good quality hotel after arriving. This will also give you an overall estimation of your vocational budget.

Find package deals:

Holiday packages are the best way of avoiding expenses which are unexpected. These packages give you a complete overview of your cost and this will help you to manage your plan. These packages are designed by keeping in mind that affordability of customers so you can find good and suitable packages which will cut down many extra expenses.

Pack all important things you need:

You should make a list of important things which you may need on the way or at the vocational spot. This listing will give you an opportunity of not forgetting anything important. Leaving any important thing behind will ruin your budget because you have to purchase it from there and there may be currency difference in the areas and it will be disaster for your trip.

Carry medication with you:

Some health problems have very high probability so you should carry important medicines with you if you want to be safe and avoid doctor expenses. If you don’t carry medicines with you, you will have to see a doctor over there and doctor plus cab expense can really affect your budget for the vacations.