How to Eliminate Credit Cards

Eliminate Credit Card Debt

Eliminate Credit Card Debt

For a lot of people getting credit cards can be something that is great to have especially in an emergency or they really can be a huge annoyance.  It can help you when you most need it and then when you can’t afford them they can be a nightmare to pay back again.  They can actually turn your finances into a worst state than ever.

Getting a credit card is one thing trying to repay them again is something that you can rarely do even if you are making a lot of money.  The repayment interests are a lot to handle and for many of us we can’t repay them before; people realise that once they get to a certain point that they have to get rid of that debt and eliminate the credit card debts before they do anything else.  You don’t have to worry these debts are actually less hassle once you start repaying what you owe.

The one thing that you are going to need to get has to be scissors and a shredder.

Now to begin with elimination the credit card debts; the first step that you can take has to be to stop the cards.  Cancel them all completely so that you can start cutting down and eliminating the debt; wherever you have gotten the card from cancel it from there and confirm that you are the card holder so that you can cancel the debts.

You could even try hiding the card somewhere that you know will never be able to get to it again; putting it into a deposit box or even give it to a friend or family member and that stops you from using the card at all.  If you don’t want to hide it then fair enough but when you are going out then you really don’t want to go out with the credit card otherwise you are going to be tempted to spend on the card.

The best way that you can do to stop your credit cards will be to get yourself a pair of scissors and a paper shredder and cut the two up and then shred it if possible.  That way your credit card is gone and it is not coming back again; this will really help you when it comes to not relying on credit cards to help you out of a tricky spot every now and again.  It might help you to gain some responsibility over your finances.

Some tips to help you get rid of your credit cards.

You should get yourself a debt card – this is your bank card in some places, with this you buy something and the money is going to come straight off your bank account so that you are paying outright but not with money in hand but what is in your bank account.

Even if you don’t have enough money then your over-draft will cover this or the bank covers this for the moment if you have been a very loyal and good customer and know that you are going to have the funds in your account soon.

You could also use cash, this stops you from getting any overdrafts and if you don’t have the money in your purse then you won’t spend more.  This also reduced the risk of getting any kind of fraud done to you when you avoid using credit cards.

You need to get yourself a budget, something that is going to help you to limit what you’re spending every month and something that is going to stop you from over-spending on things that you don’t need.

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