Over 50s life insurance a rip off or not

Over 50s life insurance

Over 50s life insurance

Many people these days complain about over 50s life insurance, according to them these policies are not as much useful as they claim to be. There was a time, a few decades back, when these insurance policies were very popular across the globe and no second thought was needed before grabbing one. But, the scenario has been changing now, may be because there are countless insurance policy companies popped out now, each of them, in competition with its opponents, offer exotic and different over 50s life insurance. This may confuse the policy buyer that where and to whom should he go to get himself insured. Even though the terms and conditions and procedures of all the insurance companies are different from each other, but their basic purpose is same.

Over 50s life insurance, basically tends to provide you money for your own health issue and after your death, these insurance companies give a handsome amount of money to your family.

Now talking about those, who have complaints regarding over 50s life insurance, according to them this over 50s life insurance is merely a rip off, you pay way more than you actually get back. These people are of the view that it is better to save your amount in a bank that your family may uses after you in bad times, than using that money in getting yourself insured. Well, depositing your surplus amount in a bank is really not a bad idea but comparing it to the over 50s life insurance is certainly not a wise act. Both of the things are entirely different from each other and should not be compared.

With over 50s life insurance, you make sure that your future is secured. We all know that life is unpredictable. Anything can happen to anyone and no one can escape his destiny, no matter how hard he tries. What is written in our fate will ultimately overcome us. So, in this very uncertain world, one should always make some efforts to secure the future of those whom he loves. God forbid, if something happens with you, your family will be left alone in the jungle of difficulties and problems without any aid. But if you had your over 50s life insurance got done, then this policy may help them in living a decent life.

We buy with money, this is a fact and being human beings, we cannot live without some basic necessities and each of our necessity can be bought only with money. Though money cannot buy relations, friends and happiness but even then money has a central position in our lives. The money that your family will get from your 0ver 50s life insurance may not bring you back to them but it certainly can save them from many problems. On contrary, if you save money on a bank, it can be a bit complicated to withdraw it after you. To get insurance money is quite simpler. Consider all the facts and figures, you yourself will say that over 50s life insurance is not a rip off but a blessing.

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