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We’ve all seen that episode of Dragon’s Den when everything is going great, you can see the dragons mulling the proposal over and you think the hopeful entrepreneur is actually going to get his or her investment. Then someone will ask the dooming question, ‘do you have that patented?’, this has often been a game changer and you cringe for the poor contestant as they stumble with an answer. This naivety to the importance of intellectual property rights is often unavoidable to inventors who are enthusiastic and motivated; they need some legal savvy, best sought from a reputable law firm.

There has recently been a very public patent infringement case in the media: the stand-off between Apple and Samsung which is still to be finalised by judges. The crux of the case was Apple suing Samsung for several patent infringements, mainly in Samsung’s mobiles and tablets which can be likened to the iPhone and iPads. Although the outcomes of the trials have differed globally, one of the major ruling for compensation was $1 billion to Apple from Samsung by a Californian judge.  The UK and European courts have dismissed the claims that Samsung copied Apple products, actually saying the former ones were ‘not cool enough’ to be confused with iPhones or iPads!

One of Samsung’s major defences in the case was that Apple had not properly protected their patents or designs; this is something individual courts will examine and judge. It goes to show how important good intellectual property advice from legal experts really is. Law firms like Withers and Rogers can aid companies on both sides of the coin; is someone else infringing my patents or will I be infringing someone else’s? If you are starting out in the business world it is vital you get sound legal advice before you go ahead and launch a product that could in fact land you with a damning legal case because you have infringed patent laws. Withers and Rogers even offer a free consultation to provide some clarity in what kind of patent protection is available or even what kind of service would be best for you and your company.

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