What Is the Right Time to Add Baby for Health Insurance?


Baby Health Insurance

The most important thing that should come to mind when expecting a new baby is the health insurance.  It is interesting to learn that nowadays, a lot of parents understand the need to place their children on health insurance.  But many of them are confused as to the right time to add their new baby to insurance.   You need some know-how if you want to get your infant covered by your health insurance and this is what this article is set out to put through.

If you want to add your new or coming baby to your insurance plan, you need to first check with your health insurance provider to know beforehand whether the baby will be added as an individual to your plan or whether you will have to upgrade to a family plan after childbirth.

However, the best time for filing an application for inclusion of your baby is during pregnancy.  You have to contact your insurance company immediately you know you’re pregnant.  This does not in essence mean that your infant will start to be covered from then, but it will go a long way to inform your insurance company on time that you are pregnant and that you have a baby on the way that you intend to include in your health insurance.  By informing on time, the company will be able to feed you with all necessary information on what to do in order to make the coverage work.

It should also be noted that insurance policy covers the baby right from 30 to 31 days of its life.  Therefore your insurance provider should be carried along on any developments during pregnancy so that they will be able to update your records with them accordingly.  For instance, if there are such issues like complication or miscarriage, let them know on time, advisably within 3 to 4 days of such mishap.

Upon baby delivery, call and inform your insurance provider.  This will enable them prepare the appropriate papers for the coverage.  As a matter of fact, this is another crucial time to note and you have to inform them at least within 30 days of the baby’s birth.  If this is not done on time, coverage may be lost for the baby and the medical bills may go uncovered.  Meanwhile, another important thing to note is that if you do not secure coverage for your child within 30 days of his birth, the insurance company is not required to enroll your child in your health plan until the next open enrollment period, which may be months away.

Having ascertained all the above, ensure you fill all necessary forms and submit them back to your insurer.  It doesn’t end there, it is very important to follow-up with the company so as to ensure that everything is okay.

If you can keep to those times as discussed here, you will have no problem adding your baby to your existing insurance plan.