Office Space with Room to Grow

Office Space

Office Space

Renting office space can always be a bit of a dilemma, especially for a company just starting out. No one knows in the very beginning how much room will be needed for offices, even though it is hoped that the company will grow quickly. There are times when this, indeed, happens and it is for those times that new enterprises should be aware of finding Official Space with room to grow.

Some buildings rent individual rooms or suites whilst others have large rooms which are more like office pools with separate cubicles. In either case, find out what the potential is for expansion before signing a long lease. Some new companies look for short term rentals simply because they allow for growth. Whilst some landlords require annual leases, others have month to month, three and six month leases for just this reason.

It may be possible to expand right where you are but it may also mean that the office you are in may need to be vacated for a larger one on another floor. The point is, make sure it is written in the lease that you will be allowed to expand as needed and of course as space becomes available. Landlords may not be willing to let you out of a lease mid-term, but they should be willing to accommodate your moving to a larger unit within the same building.

Any new company just starting out couldn’t do better than renting Central London office space simply because of the prestige of being located in one of the most desirable locations of the capital to do business in. Just keep in mind that you may need to rent office space with room to grow as your company grows and you find the need to take on more employees. That is your goal and one which you can be proud of reaching.