Why is employee recognition important within the workplace?

As you may have discovered in your professional life, the power of positive can really set things on the right path. In the workplace, being a positive employer and recognising your employees is essential for business progression. We take a look at how acknowledgement of team and individual performances can make or break the success of your business…

Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition

When it comes to employee recognition many companies tend to take a ‘one size fits all’ approach, which doesn’t go unnoticed by the wider team, who tend to give employers no credit if their strategies around recognising and rewarding employees are narrow-minded and generic. But how can you ensure you don’t fall into the same trap?

Recognising employees as individuals can really propel everyday business and give employees the trust and motivation to fulfil their job roles the best way they can and much, much more. As well as increased productivity, it is proven that employees have a greater level of job satisfaction, renewed and improved enjoyment at work. Loyalty was also a common trend amongst employees who felt valued by their employer or management staff.

Recognising and rewarding individual staff members also benefits the wider team too, and teams that are recognised as individuals tend to bond and work well together. Including recognition in your employee engagement strategy will also see your employee retention rates improve and reduce staff turnover dramatically with more individuals happy to stay and grow with the company, not leave in search of alternative opportunities. Sick leave, workplace accidents and stress also reduced thanks to workforce recognition.

Introducing employee recognition doesn’t have to be difficult and can be easily implemented into everyday business to ensure your company can profit from a reliable workforce. Making recognition a part of your routine is the first step of integrating it into your company and remember recognition doesn’t have to be a fanfare every time. Greeting your staff, referring to each by their name and building relationships on a more personal level can make all the difference – which isn’t always easy in larger corporations. Never underestimate the value of simply showing a sincere interest in your staff members’ lives.

Providing and recommending routes of progression within the company is also important when enhancing recognition within your company, after all a person that grows with the company is more likely to stay due to increased loyalty, trust and opportunities. Work with each employee to enhance performance and career goals, and broaden their horizons with training and other development. If they want to lead their own team, set them on the path to do just that and create your own talent pool in-house.

Not only will recognising ability help enhance motivation for the talented individuals being given opportunities to progress and fulfil career goals, it will also inspire other staff members to work hard and take a step towards their very own opportunity within the wider company.

Let employees know they’ve done a great job with regular appraisals as well as the rewarding of team and individual goals. Employees want to be given the thanks and appreciation they deserve so make it a part of your own performance goals to make your staff feel important every single day.