A Job in Sales: Are you Cut Out for it?


A Job in Sales

As far as job vacancies go, sales jobs seem to be everywhere – from the humble call centre in the middle of town to retail sales advisors or a fully-trained job in energy sales, jobseekers often find solace in these positions. With little previous experience required in most cases and on-the-job training provided if necessary, you can benefit from decent pay with the added bonus of commission if you do your job well. That being said, it’s certainly not easy to thrive in the business – the gift of the gab will always be an advantage, while nerves of steel will help you to progress further. Competition for the positions is tough so from the very beginning, you need to stand out from the crowd to be spotted.

Do you think you think you’re cut out for the job? You will find that the right personality is essential and while experience isn’t always necessary, a specific skill set often is, particularly if you wish to progress with a major company by applying for jobs such as British Gas careers in energy sales.

To succeed as a sales person, whether in telesales or out in the field, you must be resilient and focused at all times. Sales advisors take pride in their customer-orientated vision, while also being able to build a natural rapport with most people they meet. If you think you’ve got what it takes, a change of job may be the right choice for you, especially if you’re unhappy in your current line of work. Many people strive for sales positions and the recruitment for sales posts can be advertised in many mediums, including job sites, specific websites and at your local job centre.

Wherever you find the vacancies, you will find clear-cut job descriptions about what is expected from you and what requirements you need. It will also give you further information about what job-related benefits you will be eligible for, such as a work pension, medical insurance and annual leave entitlement. Make sure that you take time to fill out application forms to the best of your ability to give you the greatest chance of being called for an interview. Updating your CV is good practice, too.

As the face and voice of the company you join, it’s vital that you bring professionalism to the workplace every time, with heaps of personality entwined too. Sales roles provide perfect opportunities for proactive individuals to make a success of themselves, without the need for professional qualifications in most cases.

Whatever your job of choice, don’t settle for a job that you’re dissatisfied with; not when there’s something more perfect out there for you.