Tips when starting a new business

New Business

Starting New Business

Is the UK becoming a nation of entrepreneurs? According to figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) the sharp fall in unemployment announced this month has partly been driven by a large rise in self-employment. The number of self-employed people increased by 337,000 to reach 4.54 million and, according to the Federation of Small Businesses, small and medium enterprises employ more than 14 million people, accounting for 59.3 per cent of private sector employment and 48.1 per cent of private sector turnover.

If you’re looking to join this growing number of small business owners there are a number of things to bear in mind:

Find a niche

Market analysis and sector research can often bring up ideas for a new business but finding your niche could equally be more instinctive. You could, for example, stumble upon a gap in the market simply by noticing something that you would appreciate as a consumer that doesn’t appear to exist elsewhere. Business opportunities are often staring us in the face and just need someone to make them a reality.

Crunch the details

It’s not enough to simply have a grand idea. You will also have to construct a business plan and research the market to ensure that your idea is viable and will actually make you money in the long run. You will need a clear idea of the costs involved in starting your business and running it on a day-to-day basis, as well as a forecast of potential profits.

Secure vital funding

The amount of funding your start up will require will depend on a number of factors. A brand new window cleaning business might not require as much initial funding as a new product manufacturer but you might still need money for a van, ladders (or a water fed pole system) and to purchase the round itself.

There’s been a lot of controversy over the amount of lending banks are currently willing to give to new SMEs but there are also alternative lenders who specialise in business lending. If you are looking for new business loans for companies in chelmsford and elsewhere in the East of England, for example, Foundation East can offer tailored loans to suit your particular circumstances.

Another option could be to pitch to potential investors. In either case you will have to pay – either the interest on a loan or a share of your profits to investors – but this is a case of speculating to accumulate and can certainly pay off in the long run.

Get loans for bad credit

 Bad Credit

Loans For Bad Credit

A loan for bad credit is a loan given to a person or business with a poor credit rating. Getting a loan with bad credit is not an easy task. Most big financial institutions will not give you a loan if you have a bad credit history. Loans for people with bad credit also charge higher interest rates because lenders use your credit score as a basis. If you recently defaulted on a loan, have a slow payment history, or if you have taken on too much debt, you may be charged more interest. Some lenders might not hesitate to turn your application down. Some lenders take advantage of persons looking for a loan with bad credit. They charge high fees and make it nearly impossible to dig yourself out of debt.

A secured bad credit loan is simply a loan given to somebody with a bad credit, which is secured by an asset owned by the borrower. If you apply for a loan with bad credit and you own a house, you can get a bad credit loan and use your house as loan collateral. It’s hard to get a loan with bad credit. Options are limited, and borrowing is more expensive. Two factors are inseparable once you get bad credit, higher interest rates and the requirement for additional security. Either one of these may be attached to your bad credit loan. Credit unions may be more willing to offer you a loan with bad credit. They’re more willing to look at you personally – as opposed to just looking at a credit score and the loan application. If you sit across the desk from a human being, you’re more likely to get a loan with bad credit. If you’re having trouble getting a loan with bad credit, you may need to put up collateral. By pledging something of value, your lender knows you’re serious and has a better chance of collecting some money. If you have equity in your home, you can probably borrow against it – but there are significant risks.

Bad credit loans are designed for people who have had issues with poor credit, have been blacklisted. These loans often referred to as ‘loans for bad credit’- are offered by brokers who specialise in loans for bad credit and can check hundreds of lenders on your behalf. Your credit may not be as bad as you think. If you’ve been told that your credit ruined your chances of getting a loan, make sure it’s true. There may be errors on your credit report. Once those are fixed, things may look very different to lenders. The interest rates for a bad credit loan are dependent on the amount of loan you applied for, the presence of collateral and your current income. Secured personal loans generally have lower interest rates compared to unsecured loans.  Lenders have different types of loans for people with bad credit. They can suggest an appropriate bad credit loan for you.

What to Consider When Looking For a Loan



Almost everyone will need a loan to finance something at some point in their lives. Whether it is for a holiday, major DIY project, a car or a wedding, loan repayment calculator will help a borrower to assess exactly what their options will cost them each month.

The days of sitting in the bank manager’s office to arrange a loan are long gone. There are all kinds of ways these days to apply for a myriad of different types of loan.

Although it sounds obvious, the first thing to settle is exactly how much you wish to borrow and how long you want to spend paying it back.

Once you have this most basic information you can use a loan repayment calculator to see whether your expectations are realistic when compared with what you can afford to repay each month.

Competition is fierce in the lending market but, as with any type of credit, lenders are choosier about whom they wish to lend to. It is always worth doing some groundwork with credit agencies to ensure there are no errors on your credit record that might cause a problem with applications.

There are hundreds of different loan products available for borrowers to choose from. Each of these has its advantages and disadvantages and should be carefully considered.

If you need to borrow a large amount, then a secured loan might offer a better rate as the lender has some security in the event of a default.

Rates on secured loans can often be more favourable than an unsecured loan, although assets are at risk if there is any default on repayments.

An unsecured loan usually attracts a higher rate than a secured loan and is usually over a shorter period than secured credit. The borrower stands to lose less if things go wrong, but will still face severe consequences that might include court action if they default.

Homeowner loans are secured on property and are usually taken out with the existing mortgage provider. Applying can be easier as they already have all the information about the borrower that they need.

With the current harsh economic climate, many have found themselves in financial trouble with mounting debts and problems making repayments.

Some providers specialize in debt consolidation loans that seek to offer a solution to existing debt problems. While the situation may be simpler as only one repayment is made and interest rates may be lower than existing credit, borrowers should be sure they can afford repayments or the problem will be compounded.

Payday loans are available and can be a good way of repairing bad credit ratings provided all the repayment terms are met in full. It should be remembered that the interest rates on these loans can be extortionate.

Some loans may attract an arrangement fee that must be paid in addition to the loan repayments. It is worth taking this into account when comparing costs as this might mean overall benefits between loans might be smaller.

The main thing to remember when considering any finance is affordability and ensuring that a loan really is the most suitable for your circumstances.

Loans are available from banks, building societies, high street providers and via the internet. Comparing as many products as possible will ensure the best deal.

What to Consider at the Time of Applying for Logbook Loans Online

Logbook Loan

Logbook Loan

If you are looking for a quick loan, then there is nothing better than going for a logbook loans. You can really get a loan within as short as 24 hours of time, if you consider the logbook loans. To avail a log book loan you should possess a vehicle of your own and the logbook loan financier will give you credit keeping the logbook of your vehicle as mortgage.

Logbook loans can be applied over the internet, without going to any physical office of the financier. Lots of websites are there over the internet, which are offering logbook loans, you can go to any of those websites and apply for a logbook loan; but at the time of going for a logbook loan over the internet you should keep some points in mind to get the best of the lot. Below you will find some points mentioned, which will help you to find the best logbook loan available in the market.

  • Don’t apply for a logbook loan by visiting a single website only, there are hundreds of sites offering logbook loans; so you should visit at least 5-6 sites, before applying at any of them.
  • First of all, you have to find out, which financier is offering maximum value for your vehicle. You can find it out by visiting some websites and comp oaring their offers.
  • After doing that, you have to do the most important thing and that is, you have to spot the lowest interest rate. The interest rate on logbook loans varies from financier to financier and some of them charges insane rates. You should keep yourself away from the financiers charging astronomical rates.
  • If any financing company asking you any kind of upfront payment for the logbook loans, then run away. Financiers generally charge processing fee for sanctioning the logbook loans but the processing fee should only be deducted from the loan amount and should not be paid up-front. There are many fraud sites operating over the internet and those are cheating money from desperate people by asking them for upfront payment. You should stay away from these kinds of sites.
  • After availing a logbook loan, you should try your level best to repay that loan as soon as possible, because generally the interest rate of the logbook loan is high; so, if you don’t repay that promptly, the interest burden will mount to an unbearable one, really quickly.

Bridging Finance Option Is Your Answer To Immediate Cash Needs

Bridging Finance

Bridging Finance

In business, there will be times when you have to arrange finance quickly to make progress in your activity. It may not always be possible to plan the requirement of finance though that is the ideal manner in which you should be conducting the business. But when you have an opportunity that has suddenly come up and you wish to take advantage of it and the only limitation is finance, then you should look at the concept of bridging finance to help you meet that need at that point in time. Once you get it, you would be able to go ahead, get the profit or advantage you were looking for and then repay the loan assistance you took. That is the basic purpose of such a finance product.

One of the main reasons why this kind of loan has become popular is the delays that business entrepreneurs often have to face when they wish to take loans from financial institutions. When it is all a question of how quickly you can get the finance, then the conventional or traditional methods may not work and you may need the assistance of a good bridging financebroker to arrange such finance for you. The entire process can be completed quickly and the funds are also made available for your usage much faster.

So how do these bridging finance brokers manage to make this happen?

The answer is the fact that the number of years they have put into the business has enabled them to build up a wide contact base of lenders who offer this kind of finance quickly and at reasonable rates of interest. They are experts at providing such short term loans and can customize loan requirements for individuals as per their need. They can provide assistance for customers who want to renovate their property before letting it out or even for other commercial ventures involving a hotel, warehouse and other such activities pertaining to real estate or property needs.

Bridging finance is therefore a very effective short term finance model that can be used quickly and without much documentation. As compared to conventional ways of raising money even against collateral or security, the pace is faster and that is the single most advantage of this kind of finance arrangement. But you need to approach a professional and experienced bridging finance broker to get the best deal.