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London Business School EMBA
Executive MBA offered by London Business School is designed for those who want to obtain a professional qualification without quitting their jobs. The program is specially being designed for those who can not take a break from their work, but propel in their career with a professional qualification. In today’s competitive world, every executive needs an additional qualification and skills to progress further in their career. Executive MBA offers the same to them. This MBA program comes from London Business School, which ranks 4th globally in 2012. The program is designed to provide management knowledge, as well as apply analytical skills and understanding through which they can prosper to any levels within the organization they work for. After the completion of 20 months program, the student would feel more confident to manage their work effectively.
The Executive MBA program is ideally designed for the working professionals as well as those who are looking to start their own businesses. Although many professionals with years of experience face challenges when they get promoted and have been asked to manage a team or finish a more complex task than the previous ones. This is due to the absence of certain skills which is required when a person moves up in the hierarchy. Challenges are also being faced by people who are planning to start their own business, but lack proper planning. They may have enough capital to start the business, but lack the skills which can make them a successful entrepreneur. Executive MBA has been designed to build these gaps and promises the students to come up from these challenges. The widest choice of electives helps the students to broaden their knowledge and make a career change.
The course is offered in London and Dubai, with a week long international assignment at London, Dubai, New York or Hong Kong. The program also gives access to some of the top organizations and business leaders along with world-class renowned faculty. This helps in connect to more than 34,000 international alumni network. The program is designed in such a way that it can help to improve the performance of the student immediately. Additionally, as per Financial Times EMBA rankings 2011, an EMBA graduate takes 79% more salary in just 3 years. 

The EMBA program also helps the students to advance further in their career in other companies, apart from growing in the same company. They provide career support which helps them to achieve their career goals and help in their career development. They are also eligible to participate in regular recruiter events conducted by London Business School which helps the students and alumnus to meet some of the renowned companies around the globe.
London Business School is considered as one of the most reputed business schools in the world. This is quoted by Ulrika Hedlund (Co-founder and Managing Director of Business Productivity FZ LLC) and Mark Collins who is the VP of Marketing at Strauss Coffee BV. Both of them are the alumni of the London Business School EMBA.
For details information on London Business School Exective MBA course, you can download one of the brochures here EMBA Brochures

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