Prepaid Debit Cards – One stop solution to live debt free

Debit Card

Debt Free Debit Card

Are you one among the thousands breaking your head out to repay your debt? Are you tired of losing your money in the name of credit cards? Do you need a smart advice on how to spend wise? The single answer to all these questions is a prepaid debit card. These cards are safer and secure unlike credit cards and can help you plan your finances in a more clear and controlled way. They also help you save your hard earned money which you may end up losing by paying debts and interests to your credit card company.

Debit vs Credit Cards

Most people are often confused when they are asked the question of which is better, a credit card or a debit card? The answer to this is quite tricky too. Most people who see things just as they happen answer as credit card as they have the leverage and luxury to spend more with it and repay it later. But those are wise and who knows the nuances of financial planning would opt for debit cards as these allows them to plan in future their spending and restrict unnecessary things. Prevention is always better than cure and these debit cards help you prevent a debt and thus saves you a bigger trouble.

Prepaid Debit Cards

These are the next generation debit cards and can be used without even having a bank account. How it works is simpler as its name. All that you need to do it load it with a given amount of money and use it when you need. The amount of money you load in your card is fully controlled by you and you shall be allowed to spend only this amount. There are different ways to load money into these cards. A few among them include payable cheque, a bank transfer from a checking or saving account to your card or a money deposit through a customer care executive. While most of these methods to deposit money into these cards are free, some are chargeable depending upon the bank you opt to go.

Unlike credit cards you can’t overuse these cards once there is no more money and thus helps you cut on your lavish spending. There are always two sides to a coin. So there is some disadvantage of these prepaid cards too. When you don’t plan your expenses or foresee the risks in advance you may end up depositing less money than needed in your card. This may result in an emergency when you have to have enough money and thus may prove fatal. So, if you prefer to go with a prepaid debit card you must first plan your spending. Make sure you don’t have the exact amount you need to spend but a buffer to accommodate the unseen risks. In other words you need to be a smart spender who will know in advance how much he or she is going to spend when he goes on a trip.

A Good Income Is your Greatest Asset

Good Income

Good Income Is Greatest Asset

Income and asset go hand in hand. But are we sure about our greatest asset in life? When you go in the crowd and ask people this question, the common answer which you will get:

  • Some will say it’s their house
  • Some will say it’s the bank account

In both the cases the answer is wrong and do you know why? We neither can own a house nor can enjoy a wealthy bank account if we don’t have a good income. The desire for becoming a rich man will get shattered when you don’t have a good income to fulfill it.

So what is income? It is the regular flow of cash or anything equivalent to cash for the work or activities you do on regular basis. We can get regular flow of money from following honest sources:

  • Salary or wage
  • Interest from capital invested
  • Rent from tenant

In spite of the above sources there are various other sources from which we can earn income.

What is an asset? Anything which is tangible or intangible in nature and is capable for the regular production of value having economic value in positive way is popular as asset.

Is a good income the greatest asset?

We all dream to own a house of our own, but wait for a moment to think that how it is possible to pay the EMI of the mortgage loan if we don’t have a secured source of income to earn money. How will you manage to pay for the food you eat, the clothes you wear, the house you rent to stay, the debt you have taken from market and many more are there on the list. So there is no doubt on the fact that without a decent amount of regular income it is not at all possible to lead a life full of valuable assets and enjoyment.

The ability to work to earn a decent income is your greatest asset without any doubt. You cannot support the lifestyle which you dream to keep-up until and unless there is a good income source for you. Before we plan to own any valuable asset for us or for our family, first we need to concentrate on the source of earning. It is also true that we cannot work lifelong to earn the bread for family and some time or the other our working ability will come to an end.

So we need to get serious when it is time to earn a good income to secure the future of the family. It may also happen that due to some serious accident or health issue you may end up facing a physical disability and you are no more in a position to earn livelihood.  So you need to own the secure protection of paycheck by availing the insurance benefit at the time of any such situation.

Thus, we can very well understand the fact that a good income source is the greatest asset in our life and we cannot ignore this reality at any cost.



How to Make Sure You Choose a Good Payday Loan

Good Payday Loan

Good Payday Loan

A payday loan can pose problems if you are not careful when choosing the company to lend you money. The most important thing you can do to assure that there will be no surprises, is to do your homework in advance. Talk to people who have taken payday loans and ask for their opinion. Learn from their experience and apply what you’ve learned to your current situation. This inquiry could save you a few good bucks. Take a day or two and just scan the market, see what’s out there and what the best solution is.

We’ve done such a thing and found to offer free service and the lowest rate possible. Be careful with those rates, the annual percentage rates or the APRs – make sure they’re the smallest rates found in the payday loan industry. Once you’ve set your eye on a company, preferably one that accepts online application (it is less time consuming and the money gets in your pocket faster), go ahead and start the process. These online companies offer you an online form that will tell if you qualify and how much money you can borrow, right then and there. So, from the intimacy of your own home you can calculate everything. After you’ve been given the OK, go ahead and choose the type of payday loan you want. You are short on money and can’t afford to pay it back soon, then choose an interest only loan and only pay the small interest until you can afford to pay the entire amount. Take your pick from adjustable and fixed rates – whatever works for you! It’s easy!

Then, once you get the money you can work on that home improvement project you’ve been dreaming about, or pay those pesky bills that have been collecting on the kitchen counter. Or even buy that car radio you desire so much. Nobody is going to tell you how to spend your money, because it is your money and you’re free to do whatever you want with it. All you need is the right information at the right time, as well as to remember you can only borrow money that you know you can pay back. Don’t enter a vicious cycle that will make you a serial debtor! To be frank, there’s no worry that could happen, because payday loans are thought up in such matter that you can’t really borrow more than you can afford to pay back, so relax and just think about how you can improve your current situation.

Who can apply for a payday loan

payday loans

A pay day loan is different from a normal loan in the sense that it is a short term loan. In a pay day loan a person is extended an allowance for a very short period of time usually for the subsequent checks. Normally a pay day loan amount is quite low as compared to usual credit principle. And so is reflected on the interest rates in UK.

The government of United Kingdom has put up legislation on the Annual Percentage Rates (APR). You will mostly want or opt to get your pay day loan from any known acquaintance because that saves you from the risks of being fooled. At this lender people are often charged high interest rates because the principle amount and time span both are comparatively less.

Who can apply?

There is only one condition applicable on applying for a pay day loan for the citizens of UK. That is they have to be of age 18 and above. Those who are officially adults are liable rather considered eligible to apply for a pay day loan and be legally responsible for repayment with interest.

Although this hard and fast rule is applicable only for people who borrow pay day loans legally from banks. Minors can always get their pay day loans from known people whose confidence they have. They can win the trust of the lender and thus they do not have to wait until they are 18. But this is illegal and if it comes in light of the UK government then both the lender and borrower can be charged serious punishments.

Online application:

Now since the process of procurement of pay day loans from banks of UK is time consuming so they have come up with the scope of rendering online loans. This is very fast and effective means of obtaining pay day loans from anywhere in the whole nation.

You first need to choose from the numerous online websites such as available for providing pay day loans. Once you are sure of a single site then you will be provided with an application form. This form contains all the necessary details that you need to fill in. Some of the basic information like your history pay rolls, pending loans, employment and income rate and you’re investing intentions is included in the application. Depending upon the statistics of your report they will confirm within few minutes whether you will get the pay day loan at this lender or not.


The need to apply for a Pay day loan arises when people are mainly struck by credit card debts. Apart from this there can be urgent need for financial help for example unexpected illness leading to payment of immediate medical bills.

Applying for pay day loan is very easy on the internet now a day. And some of the websites like promises to provide a loan within 15 minutes of time. They basically look upon the reason for your procurement and the more urgent need like medical emergency, the sooner they transfer money to your account.


Is It Wise to Go for a Text Loan?

Text Loan

Text Loan

Payday loans have grabbed the attention of many financial and consumer markets in the past recent years but now text loans are another big thing that is going to rule in the world of the consumer borrowing.  Text loans are those kinds of loans that provide their borrowers a little more amount of cash so that they can make the use of them to fulfill their urgent commissions quickly and easily until their payday arrives.

For the attaining of such loans there are no complex procedures and you can even register the service without giving any charges. All you need to do is to fill out a precise form and wait till it is accepted. You will be then given a pin code that you can utilize by your cell phone to get the money.  You must repay the money on time and make sure you are able to do that before borrowing any of the text loans.

A text loan works in a simple manner; these are the short term loans that you can access by the help of an SMS message on your cell phone.  These are the options that you could avail if you are short on cash anytime and need to access any emergency cash.  The most important part about text loans is that they can be used for all kind of intentions and purposes and you can receive a handsome amount of money within hours and even minutes.  They have the least complications in the application procedures and there are no particular criteria that can be demanded by the text loan lenders but they would still want to know if you have a good source of income and if you are able to pay the money within the time limit.

There are certain disadvantages that you may suffer from by the use of the text loans as well. There is high rate of interests that are carried by the text loans this is due to the fact that they are short term loans and the repayment time period is less therefore you would have to pay the interest rates higher than normal making them quite expensive for you.  You must make sure that you can pay the amount back within the specified time because missed payments may increase the charges and it may also affect your credit history also.