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Recruitment Software

Recruitment Software

Recession is an off word now as the job market is flooded with resumes and companies all around the world are in a hiring spree. Apart from the job seekers and the job providers there are also other parties like the recruitment consultants or the staffing agents who play a vital role in hiring. Be it a recruitment agent or an human resource executive, the toughest work they have got to do with respect to hiring is the paper work. Collect details about the requirement, advertise it on online or offline media, maintain records of the submitted resume, and contact the hiring manager if there is a match and more. What if these tasks are made automatic? What if all these work can be done in few clicks of mouse? Yes is the answer to the question if you are using a recruitment software.

Recruitment software helps us in a lot of ways apart from minimizing or cutting down the paper work. Recruitment software that is available as a SAAS which is an acronym for Software As Service, is one of the best you can find in the market. This kind of software can be accessed directly as a website which avoids tasks like installing them in your computer or your companies’ server. This software will help you manage everything online with few clicks of the mouse. With this software you can post a job opening that will reach all aspiring talent around the globe, collect their resume, match it against the recruitment and also contact them automatically if there is an match. The software also helps you store the resume in their database for a specified period of time which can help you in future.

Another main advantage of recruitment software is that you can customize them according to the need of your companies. For example, there are software that can filter resume submitted according to your query. This can be really useful in jobs requiring specific work permit or specific skill set. The software can also be translated to different languages thus can be of great help to people who are not really proficient in English. Most of the features of the software are really easy to use that any lay man can start using them from the day it is installed. Notwithstanding you need to purchase a good software that provide extensive maintenance once you buy it, good after sales service, subscription and have really supportive staff who can guide you through with all details.

Finally, there is a lot of good recruitment software in the market today, one of the most popular one I come across online most of the time is called Zoho Recruitment Software. Which I think is relative cheap when compared to other products in the market. They have this competitive advantage due to their SOA and can save you a lot. The software also allows free trial if you want to try and most of the feature can be utilized in their free trail. So its high time you say good bye to files and paper and move to an recruitment software if you are one of them thousands struggling hard in the recruitment industry.