A parent’s guide to student accommodation

Student Accommodation

Student Accommodation

There’s always a lot to think about when one of your children leaves the nest, but perhaps the most important thing is ensuring they are settled and happy in their new home. Despite all the horror stories you may have heard about student accommodation, there are in fact some great properties – and landlords – available in every city, as long as you start the search early. Helping your child find the right accommodation isn’t just good for them, it also sets your own mind at rest!

First of all, as mentioned, begin looking as early as possible – usually from January onwards – if you don’t want to be left choosing from the pool of accommodation everyone else rejected. This will also give you more time to view a wider variety of properties, and consider the important questions – how much rent can they expect to pay? Are utility bills included? Is it close to the university, and how will they get there if not? Being involved in the decision-making process helps to ensure your son or daughter considers these things, and doesn’t just choose the closest place to the pub…

Take the time to look around properties with your offspring – you will probably have sharper eyes for problems like damp, damaged furniture or pests than they do. If there is some wear and tear on the furniture and fittings, ensure the landlord is aware of them and advise your son or daughter and their potential flatmates to take photos at the start of their tenancy in case of any disputes.

It’s also likely you have experience of your own in dealing with landlords, which could prove invaluable to your son or daughter. Make sure they think carefully the tenancy agreement before they sign it – do they have a break clause that would allow them to move out after a certain time period? Will their deposit be protected by a scheme? (If it’s not, be suspicious – in most cases, it’s the law!) The rent amount and arrangements for payment should be set out in the tenancy agreement, along with how often the rent can be reviewed. For more information, check here for a complete guide to student accommodation.