The Major Causes of Trauma Insurance

Trauma Insurance

Trauma Insurance

Trauma insurance is a type of insurance that provides cover for people suffering from a specific medical condition or any other type of illness. The major causes of trauma that lead to trauma insurance claims can range anything from diverse diseases like deafness, hepatitis or transplant. However, the most common areas covered by trauma insurance claims are of heart attack, cancer and stokes. Therefore, the main cover provided by the trauma insurance revolves around cardiovascular diseases.

You should understand what makes you eligible for getting a trauma insurance claim. Every insurance company in UK that offers trauma insurance has its own definition of what classifies as a traumatic event in its trauma insurance policy. If the person’s condition satisfies the terms in the definition, then the person becomes eligible to apply for trauma insurance claims.
Trauma insurance may seem similar to income protection insurance. However, there is a major point of difference. In life insurance, the person becomes eligible for claim in case of death while under income protection insurance, the person becomes eligible for the claims when he/she losses all or some part of income owing to illness or injury. Trauma insurance is different because you become eligible for the claim as soon as you qualify to have a disease which forms the part of the trauma insurance policy. So, you can get your claim without having to lose your income or your life.

Before choosing the trauma cover, you should understand what diseases are being covered by the insurance company. There is no standard insurance policy for trauma insurance and the insurance company can set its own policy. The major causes of trauma insurance claim which are heart attacks, cancer, and strokes account for almost 70 % of the claims. These major diseases are covered by all trauma insurance providers in UK. However, other minor diseases vary from one definition to another. You should therefore go for the insurance company whose definition of a traumatic event is wide and flexible, or for an insurance company which includes diseases you have a high probability of contracting in the future.

Some common reasons for trauma insurance claims among women include lung cancer, breast cancer, bowel cancer, and melanoma of the skin. Among men, the common types of cancer include prostate cancer, lung cancer, bowel cancer and melanoma of the skin.

A person must be very careful when applying for the trauma insurance claims as there are cases when these claims have been rejected. This usually happens when a person contracts a disease which he/she might think makes him/her eligible for the insurance claim. But it contradicts with the insurance company’s definition of a traumatic event.

Another case can be when the company feels that the person has self inflicted the disease just to become eligible for the claim. It is very important that you reveal your medical history at the time of getting into contract with your insurance company. If you are later discovered to have a disease which you had known but not disclosed at the time of signing the contract, the insurance company might turn down your claim.