What Should Military Personnel Affected By Medical Negligence Do?

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Sadly, during military combat injuries are to be expected. Members of the armed forces know this and receive thorough training to keep colleagues and themselves as safe and out of danger as possible. However, when wounds and illnesses do occur during military operations it is imperative that military medical staff work with timely efficiency to provide the sick and injured with appropriate medical attention. When incidents of medical negligence do happen they can have life changing implications.

If you were injured or fell ill and did not receive the correct medical treatment you required you can claim for military compensation against the hospital where the negligence took place or the Ministry of Defence (MoD) if the negligence was committed by military medical staff. A wrong diagnosis can often lead to the wrong medication or treatment being used, which can have harmful short and long term effects. However, a significant number of incidents of military medical negligence and malpractice occur in the surgery theatre.

Examples of illnesses and injuries caused by military medical negligence include:

•    Coma
•    Limb amputation
•    Paralysis
•    Severe infection
•    Non-traumatic brain injury

If you have sustained an injury, illness or condition because of military medical malpractice or military professional negligence you should contact a UK military lawyer at the specialist firm Bolt Burdon Kemp, who have the expertise to successfully make your compensation claim against the MoD or hospital that is at fault. No win no fee lawyers will discuss your case before devising a strategy to make the claim for compensation.

The illnesses, conditions or injuries that commonly result from military medical negligence and malpractice can permanently disrupt the life and career of the affected person. Counseling, physiotherapy, medical treatment and care may be necessary in the aftermath of the incident for days, months, years or even an entire life time. This will impact upon the life of the claimant and their family. Compensation can help support the injured party to get their life and career back on track.

If you have suffered due to military medical negligence or malpractice contact Bolt Burdon Kemp to discuss how to proceed with claiming the compensation rightfully owed to you.

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